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Webinar: Leading for Trust, Neuroscience to Reverse the Trend

  • 04/25/2018
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
  • Your computer & phone


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Trust is declining in business. Over half of CEOs surveyed (55%) in PwC’s 2016 Annual Global CEO Survey believe there is a lack of trust in business. This is a dramatic increase in concern, from 37% in 2013. According to PwC trust is critical because employees become more committed to the company, partners are more willing to collaborate, and investors are more prepared to entrust stewardship of funding.

But what is trust, anyway?

Trust is a strong confidence or belief in someone or something. Employees and customers defect when they lack trust in leadership. Leaders fail to delegate and tend to overwork when they lack trust in their staff. How can leaders act to improve trust, alleviate loss and stress, and manage toward a more successful future?

Juli Geske-Peer will present the latest neuroscience research to build and maximize trust in your team, organization and beyond. Since fear and conflict can be the opposite of trust, she will also discuss what happens in the brain when someone is afraid or disputing. She will suggest strategies to halt conflict and increase trust, leading to greater personal and career success.

About the Speaker:

Juli Geske-Peer founded Peer Performance Solutions (PPS) in 2014, after 20 years’ working for others as a leader and consultant. PPS offers a unique blend of services that help to maximize strategic, leadership (including personal leadership in any role), and operational success. As the company’s principal consultant, coach and trainer, Juli’s aim is to enhance and maximize on strengths already in place, whether working with an individual, a team, a division, or an entire organization.

Juli’s formal degrees are in Organizational Leadership (MA) and Communications (BA). She also holds certifications as a professional coach, emotional intelligence coach, trainer, and conflict mediator, as well as for delivery of Extreme Leadership or Insights Discovery processes. She is also an Enhanced Skills Practitioner in Conversational Intelligence and a trained Baldrige Performance Excellence Program evaluator. To learn more or to contact PPS, please visit the PPS website, at www.peerperformancesolutions.com.

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