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Lost a job? Celebrate! by Janet Sutherland, PWH Member

05/13/2013 9:14 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Both the number of unemployed persons, at 11.7 million, and the unemployment rate, at 7.6 percent, were little changed in March.” Job loss is never fun. It can create a difficult and stressful time if you allow it to.

While those labor statistics are not comforting to the unemployed, there are things you can do to get a job and possibly add a new positive chapter in your life. 

Greg David, President of Greg Laka & Company one of the oldest executive search firms in the country, says “attitude and perspective” is key. For example “for those that see a job search as a gift and a positive opportunity, the journey is shorter, more productive, healthier, and more fun. They are also better at a job search whereas others struggle to survive, these individuals thrive. It is a choice, outlook, and attitude.”

He offers five tips to survive as a job seeker:

 1) Unemployment is a gift and opportunity to control your future: When you are working, you have little to no control over the most important commodity in your life: time. When you are working, essentially you surrender control over the most important commodity in your life to someone else or an institution. When you are unemployed, you are given complete control over your most precious commodity and you are the sole authority over that precious gift. What you do with it, how you manage it, and what you accomplish daily is the difference between unemployment being a struggle or a gift.

2) Unemployment is a gift and opportunity to re-evaluate your life: Now that you have complete control over your most precious commodity, unemployment is like sabbatical for you to take a step back and take note of your entire being. You have such a wonderful opportunity to do a self-examination of your life: physical health, mental and emotional health, financial health, spiritual health, short/medium/long term goals, and hobbies, passions, interests. It is such a gift to be able to get a second chance to look at where you are, where you want to be going, and to make adjustments. This time to focus on your life can also be a very healing time to work on self-development and putting together a plan to advance more quickly towards a better version of yourself. Do things you have not done in a long time. Get your life in better order and a healthier state. Rekindle relationships and make new ones. Become more of that person you long to be. And even look at approaching change with a smile whether that be pursuing a lifelong interest or passion that you have never had the time for or always been fearful of doing. Take an educated risk and even do a career change if that has been an unfed hunger.

3) Unemployment is a gift and opportunity to find balance: Redetermine all that is important to you and develop a blueprint where you can live the life in balance that you have always dreamt of, and come up with strategies to do that. It is essential you do this before you begin working again if you are to create the life balance that is essential to your long term happiness and health.

4) Unemployment is a gift and opportunity to become more focused, which in turn helps you become more developed, more aware of others and yourself in turn, and form relationships that are beneficial to you and others. Get involved in a youth, church, mission or charitable initiative that you have always wanted to or never had time for. It can also be something as simple as working for a pet shelter or volunteer role at the local zoo, or at a food pantry or food kitchen helping to feed the hungry.Volunteering is not only is a great networking activity, but it also is a very good life enrichment activity.  Once you begin doing it, you’ll derive a multitude of very healthy benefits from focusing on others.

5) Unemployment is a gift and opportunity to purge: Clean out that garage or attic that has been haunting you. Fix that broken back screen door that has been a nagging issue for years. Mend that broken relationship. Rekindle your spiritual relationship.

Gregory Laka & Company, established in 1964, has provided executive search service for over 40 years. They have access to one of the largest databases of computer talent in the executive search industry. 

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