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Get to know a PWH member: Rebecca Gecan, Marketing Chair

06/12/2013 5:20 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
Please briefly describe your work experience.
I began my career in healthcare manufacturing and distribution with Bovie Medical Corp. in 2006 as Inside Sales Support/Admin Assistant to Rob Saron & Janis Dezso. I was fresh out of college holding a Bachelor in Fine Arts from the University of South Florida. Over the years, I have learned how to use excel, experienced the vast world of medical distribution and become an increasingly vital member of the Bovie sales & marketing team. In 2011, I was promoted to Associate Marketing Manager which is the position I hold today.

How long have you been in the healthcare industry?
Seven years.

How long have you been evolved with PWH?
I joined PWH in 2007.

What do you think the benefits of PWH are? How have you benefited from being involved?
PWH has given me the tools, support and confidence to take risks, learn new skills and build myself a pretty incredible network.

If you had to give someone new in the industry two pieces of advice, what would it be? (This could be related to your personal experiences, advice on personal life or professional)
1.       Find an organization such as PWH to help you build your network and navigate through our industry.
2.       Embrace the unknown and take the leap. Failure is okay as long as we learn from it and adjust.

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