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Making Waves & Leading Change, PWH Webinar with Patti Johnson, by Tamara Taylor

02/15/2016 3:07 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
Patti Johnson, CEO of PeopleResults and Author, led us last month in a webinar on “How to Make Waves & Lead Change”. The session taught us how we can be more effective in times of change by looking at the traps of perfectionism and conventional wisdom and the actions of those who have mastered starting and leading successful change. Attendees were provided with a mountain of knowledge on the topic, including beneficial tips and tricks from Patti on how we can all start leading change and have a desired impact in our professional and personal lives.

The webinar was both informative and insightful. Patti shared with us real-life strategies, applications, and tools that everyone can start using right away to make an impact. Among the information presented in the session were the following three main ideas on how to become a wave maker:

1.    Decide “What is the impact or change that I want to achieve?”
2.    Dream BIG. Start small.
3.    Adopt the key questions and behaviors that wave makers rely on.

The pivotal first step in the becoming a wave maker is to decide on what it is you are trying to achieve in terms of impact and/or change. In deciding on what that will be it is important to dream BIG by looking beyond yourself at the bigger purpose. You should ask yourself the question “Why are we doing this?” and be flexible in your ideas and willingness to try new things. It is important to know that no change happens on its own. It is also important to realize that, when trying to make a change, that it can take multiple attempts to achieve the desired results. Wave makers are persistent, voracious learners who have mastered the ability to collaborate positively with others. It is these main characteristics that help them pave the way through bumps in the road to success. To be a wave maker you need to adopt these characteristics and be flexible in your ability to make changes in your plan along the way to your end goal.

Wave makers continuously ask themselves three questions in their daily lives. First, these individuals consider what they can control, what they can influence, and how they can put what must happen into action by asking themselves “What can I do?” Second, wave makers continuously think of how things could be different than what they are today by asking themselves “What if?” Lastly, wave makers are willing to jump in and help people do things by asking themselves “How can I help?” We can use these same questions in our daily lives in our quest to drive change.

– Common Traps of Perfectionism and Conventional Wisdom –

Patti taught us that we as women are often more cautious and ensure that we have the details on something before moving forward. If things are moving too quickly then there can be a level of ambiguity that many women may be uncomfortable with. Patti recommends getting out of your comfort zone and moving forward without all of the answers in times of fast-paced change. In addition, she noted that asking “why?” has gotten many wave makers past “bumps in the road” on the way to their goals. It’s important to remember the following seven highlights to get past pitfalls when making changes:

1.    Don’t expect a consensus on your change
2.    Move ahead without all of the answers (or fall behind)
3.    Remember to keep all parts of the equation short, fast, and bite-sized
4.    Find partners to brainstorm ideas with
5.    Use deadlines
6.    Have enthusiasm AND ensure that there is substance to your initiative
7.    Remember that when we care, we share…

Here are some Tips & Tricks from Patti about leading others to a new way of working when you don’t know where to start.

If you were unable to make the session, here are some highlights from the Q&A that may help you in your quest to become a wave maker.

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Written by Tamara Taylor, McKesson 

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