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PWH Insights from B. Braun Medical by Kristy Spairana

03/02/2016 10:07 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Have you ever sat back and wondered why you joined Professional Women in Healthcare? I know I have. At first, I joined because a co-worker recommended it. She didn’t fully explain the benefits, but I figured, why not?! I am still very early in my career development, so this may just be the opportunity that I need to gain great advice from women who were once where I am now. Once I joined, I realized that although this organization can provide information and be an excellent resource for pretty much anything that a woman would need to succeed, it was very intimidating! It wasn’t until I got to know a colleague, Odra Anderson that I started to become brave and decided to dive in and experience PWH with the blog committee.

I recently spoke with Scott Quilty, our Corporate Vice President, who brought the idea of PWH to B.Braun as well as Odra Anderson and Jennifer (Jen) O’Reilly, who are actively involved with the organization.

Why did you want to get B.Braun involved in PWH?

Scott Quilty: B.Braun is fortunate to have many talented women helping lead this organization in a very promising direction. It is extraordinarily important to identify outlets and networks for all our employees to develop themselves. Through our Human Resources group, we do expend great effort in making workshops and training available to all employees.  Beyond that, there was a special opportunity to introduce a networking community for women in our organization who desire to advance their careers, build their professional knowledge and develop relationships outside the company.  B.Braun's substantial and ongoing support of PWH is a clear indicator of the value placed on its female employees and the desire to support each employee in reaching her full potential.  

What benefits have you noticed our members taking advantage of?

Scott: I have certainly seen networking taking place in a very material way. Relationships are being forged across the country that will benefit these individuals for years to come and, in turn, provide for B. Braun Medical. Beyond networking, there have been many education workshops and leadership sessions.  I participated myself in a local chapter meeting, held at Saucon Valley Country Club, featuring news anchor Eve Tannery, who offered her motivational story. There is significant and meaningful B.Braun activity within PWH, which has been gratifying for the organization.  We are fortunate to have a dedicated and energetic group of professional women at B.Braun.

Why did you join PWH?

Odra Anderson: I joined because of the benefits it offered. I knew that professional development and networking were important to further my career and PWH offered that and much more!

Jennifer O’Reilly: I initially joined PWH as a result of a grant B.Braun provided some of the female leaders within our organization. Before that, I did not have any involvement with PWH but saw it as an opportunity to branch out, network, and grow professionally.

What activities have you participated in? Committees?

Odra: I was a PA Regional Director for Regional Connections and had the opportunity to organize local events. I also participate in the mentorship program, both as a mentee, and now a mentor.  Currently, I serve on the board and am the Vice Chair of Member/Market Intelligence for the Membership Committee.

Jen: I have attended some of the PWH webinars and more recently became a member of the Distance Learning Committee. The Professional Development Committee (PDC) identifies topics that interest the membership as well as secure content experts to deliver the material. The PDC then facilitates the E-Learning webinars that are available to the PWH members on a regular basis.

What benefits do you feel PWH provides to its members?

Odra: Industry related networking is big. By joining PWH, you have access to the leaders in our industry. Mentorship is also a major benefit.

Jen: PWH offers its members the opportunity to network with other women in the industry and learn from their experiences and leadership styles. There are also many opportunities to contribute to the organization, either through committee work or leadership positions. Members also have access to mentors, live events, and E-Learning so no matter where someone may be in their career or physical location; resources, camaraderie, and education are available.

Odra added, “Joining PWH has been tremendous for my personal and professional growth. It is an organization that empowers you to be in charge of your journey. You can practice your skills, learn new skills, get guidance from amazing women leaders of our industry and belong to a sisterhood that provides you with an amazing support system.”

By speaking to women who have experienced the organization from different committees and activities, like Jen and Odra, it has inspired me to become more active and take advantage of all the strong opportunities that it has to offer. Empowering women to be true to themselves and guiding them along their career paths can be an amazing experience. This organization has proven to take on the challenge to invest in the best interest of the women behind it. We need to pass the encouragement and the benefits on to other women by sharing our experiences with PWH.  

Why did you join PWH and what benefits have you experienced?

By Kristy Spairana, B. Braun Medical

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