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How a "Millennial" Entered a Booming and Challenging Industry and Reached the Next Step of her Promising Career with Great Success

03/18/2016 10:47 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Enid OquendoHow a "Millennial" Entered a Booming and Challenging Industry and Reached the Next Step of her Promising Career with Great Success, by Enid Oquendo

~An Inspiring Interview with Rebecca Gecan, Recipient of the 2016 John Sasen Memorial Scholarship Award~

MILLENIALS- Collaborators, team builders, technology wizards, tolerant of difference, adaptable, highly optimistic, recognition.  In a time when many are wondering how to best “work” with millennials (a topic of discussion at the recent HIDA EXEC Conference), members of PWH have been successfully working and partnering with Millennial Rebecca (Becca) Gecan on various levels. This year’s recipient of the John Sasen Memorial Scholarship Award shared her insights about career growth, her PWH experience, and path of success.

THE DAY ARRIVED when Becca asked herself some tough questions, the kind of questions we all try to avoid every time we get that feeling of “what’s next.”  Becca wanted to make sure she was in the career space she was meant to be.  She took advantage of all opportunities, tools and risks during her time with BOVIE.  And, she succeeded!  During the “what’s next” discovery phase, she learned Rebecca Gecanabout the feeling of a “comfort zone.” Sound familiar?  Becca validated that while grateful and thankful for her “comfort zone,” she was also ready for the next challenge… next set of learnings.  In fact, she also believed that she was exactly where she was supposed to be for the first ten years of her promising career.  Looking back, she would not change it for anything.  Now, it was the right time to take the next step. And while there were some struggles around her decision to progress on a personal and professional level, she also felt empowered, energized, ready to tackle new goals, and most importantly, Becca was eager to continue the path of success!  Did I mention she is a millennial?

~“BUSINESS IS BUSINESS, but when you have been with the same company for ten years –

It is personal.”

PWH, HER SECOND FAMILY- comes into the picture at full speed, a very special family to Becca.  While working for BOVIE, she was also an active member of PWH.  And, with a contagious sense of pride, Becca shared that she owes the strength to be a driver and a risk taker to all the professional women she has known at PWH for the last ten years.  “I couldn’t have taken the next step without their support.” 

~“With that kind of support, change doesn’t seem so painful; it’s just the next step.”~

These are some of the comments about Becca from her PWH peers:

·       “I can say that Becca is one of the brightest young ladies I know!”

·       “I met her early in her career with BOVIE and watched her professional growth!”

·       “She offers insight to PWH members without hesitance.”

·       “Becca has inspired me to become a better leader.”

JOHN SASEN MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP- When I asked Becca what it meant to be a John Sasen Memorial Scholarship Award recipient, the conversation took an entirely different shift.  Becca had the opportunity to meet John Sasen in person. “What an honor!” She struggled for a few seconds. It was evident by her tone of voice that he impacted her in a special way. According to Becca, this industry icon will continue to be vivid and relevant in the way she and others have chosen to lead in the industry today.  Words like; engaging, genuine, positive, greatest mentor, a visionary, a legend, were stated when Becca described John Sasen.  I believe she will forever be honored to have received such a prestigious award.  

~ “I am honored and humbled. Thank you for the opportunity.” ~

A NEW CHAPTER- Becca’s creativity and knowledge continue to take her through new paths,   but it is her perseverance, drive, and mantra “follow your dreams” that are clearly embedded in her character.  Because of her passion and vision for continued success in her career path, she took that next step, and recently accepted a new opportunity with KBK Communications as an Account Manager.  

Whether it’s the personality traits of a millennial, or leadership skills from a combination of hard work merged with the culture of the PWH organization, Becca’s AMAZING STRENGTH AND MAGNIFICENT CHARACTER MAKES HER A SPECIAL PROFESSIONAL WOMAN IN HEALTHCARE.  She is wise beyond her years, and I know she will continue to take a stand as a leader among the PWH Organization to “mentor-up” for all of us as we continue to grow.

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