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A Review of Katie Felton's Webinar - Using LinkedIn for Business, by Kristy Spairana

04/07/2016 10:33 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

As some of us know, LinkedIn can be a valuable tool to use for networking,Kristy Spairana prospecting, recruiting, and much more. Katie Felton is a Marketing Strategist who was willing to share her knowledge with us about LinkedIn and also provide 7 days of LinkedIn training to those who participated in the webinar. Have you taken a look at your profile lately? Is it up to date? Take a look below for some tips from Katie on maximizing your profile.


1)      Optimize Your Profile

a.       Before you start trying to build your network or reach out to prospects, you should make sure your profile represents a professional sales image.

                                                               i.      Upload a professional photo

                                                             ii.      Write a descriptive headline

                                                           iii.      Update your summary

                                                            iv.      Personalize your public profile URL

                                                             v.      Get recommendations

                                                            vi.      Share files, presentations, and video

                                                          vii.      Customize your website links

2)      Leverage Recommendations

a.       Recommendations aren’t just noticed on your profile, they are noticed on the person’s profile who is giving the recommendation – that’s double your exposure! This could benefit your current customers as well as new customers.

3)      Advanced Search

a.       Utilize the advanced search option to find the right leads to connect with using the tips below:

                                                               i.      Click the word Advanced on the right side of the blue search box.

                                                             ii.      In the criteria boxes, enter the keywords, job titles, company names, geographic areas, etc. that your target person would use on his/her profile to describe himself/herself.

                                                           iii.      Review the search results, and look for people you’d like to meet. Then check to see who in your network knows these individuals.

                                                            iv.      Click the words Save Search on the top right of this list of search results.

                                                             v.      Assign a name to this target list, and choose how often you want LinkedIn to notify you of new results.

Katie Felton4)      Leveraging Groups

a.       Joining groups expands your networks and give you the ability to reach out and connect with potential prospects.

b.       Consider joining two types of groups – prospects and peers.

5)      Network Updates

a.       On your newsfeed, you are able to see what your connections are posting. It is a good idea to browse this often to see what resources are being shared. This is a great way to engage with customers or prospects. Don’t be afraid to post an update yourself or share one of your prospect’s updates. Make sure to connect with them directly by using @ before their name!

6)      Daily LinkedIn Checklist

a.       Katie has a recommended list to follow each day and suggests to make it a consistent practice to get the best results. You can find that Daily LinkedIn Checklist

7)      LinkedIn Mobile App

a.       If you don’t have the LinkedIn mobile app yet, download it today! It is an excellent way to quickly accept or reject invitations, respond to messages on the fly, and download connections to your address book.


Now get on LinkedIn and start utilizing these tips to better not only your network, but also those who plan on working with you!

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