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What Would We Do Without Email? By Susan Kaiser

07/12/2016 8:52 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Probably get more work done and get our lives back!

In a recent study by Adobe Systems, it was determined that the average worker spends 30 hours per week checking email!!  What??!!  This is simply unbelievable!  However, if you think about it, not only are we checking email while at work, we have our Smart Phones with us 24-hours a day – we could be checking email while watching television, while in a restaurant with our families, sitting at our child’s sporting events, walking down the street and even after we’ve gone to bed!  It’s insanity!

I recently tracked my own time spent checking email while at work, and I averaged 6 hours per week, which does make me feel better… but that’s still a lot time spent just reading emails and responding, and I will admit – sometimes I miss some of them, or I don’t have time to respond right away. That being said, I could probably spend at least 8 hours per week checking email if I allowed myself to do that. That’s a full day of work!  

Most of us have spam filters within our email, and that helps, but there are other ways you can decrease the amount of time you are spending in email, allowing yourself to be more productive – and work on the things you should be working on! Here are a few tips that may help you save time in email:

  •  Block out time in your calendar to check email. Research shows that if you constantly check your email as it comes in, you will spend more time on email.
  • Take off the email notification. If you’re under pressure to meet a deadline, only to have a pop-up window notify that “you have mail”, you will probably check it – and more than likely, it will not be that important.
  • Use keyboard shortcuts for good email management. These can dramatically reduce your time on email.
  • Delete and mute a conversation in email. Outlook can help tune out the messages that are irrelevant to you in one fell swoop. It can delete all messages in a thread and move future messages in the conversation to the deleted items folder.
  • And finally… don’t “reply all” if not necessary! Group messages can get out of hand, causing an endless email thread. Know when to “reply” vs. “reply all” vs. “BCC.”

What time-savings tips have you found to be helpful when dealing with email? Please share!

About the author:

Susan is the Public Relations Manager for Midmark Corporation, a leading healthcare equipment manufacturer and service/solutions provider for the medical, dental and animal health markets. She is responsible for PR planning and media relations, as well as Midmark's overall social media strategy and policy. In addition, she is currently President-Elect for the Public Relations Society of America - Dayton Chapter.
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