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An Interview with Randy Chittum, Ph.D on the Upcoming Webinar - The Art and Discipline of Execution by Enid Oquendo

07/19/2016 4:24 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

In a world that is rapidly increasing in complexity, a focus on execution is one way to keep moving forward even when the path seems unclear.


Our plans don’t fail because they are poorly crafted but more often because we fail to execute the plan

Fortunately, there are “disciplines of execution” that can be learned and applied.


A discipline of execution is more than working hard and getting things done, it is about alignment and accountability.

Randy Chittum, PH.D.

Let’s get personal with Randy Chittum, PH.D, before he walks us through best practices of great execution; work through a challenge or goal, and discuss how the principles of execution can be used to align teamwork and gain commitment. 



1.       What motivates you to be the best you can be?Randy Chittum


I genuinely believe that the workplace has become the primary social institutions where we “discover” ourselves and our identities get clarified and developed.  For this reason, organizations have a much bigger impact on our lives than we even realize.  Working with leaders allows me to have some small impact into that dynamic that has such a disproportionate impact on society.


2.       Where does your passion come from?  Any particular milestone you would like to share?


I am driven by a desire to have workplaces be more compassionate places.  That should not be confused with not having expectations and accountability.  In fact, learning those things is one of the primary benefits of being in an organization.  As other social institutions deteriorate, organizations are becoming a place where our best selves can emerge.  Unfortunately, not all places play this role well.  I believe that the successful organizations of tomorrow will have this as an important part of their thinking.


3.    If you were to give an advice to a young professional or an experienced professional getting ready to retire, what would that be?


My advice to a young professional would be to use your “inexperience” to see what others have stopped seeing.  However, you have to earn the right to share that and have others take you seriously.


My advice to a retiring professional would be to double-down on your relationships (we know that people are happier and healthier as they age if their relationships are meaningful) and your purpose.  Be challenged by something that is also a contribution to your community.


4.       What helps you keep your own personal discipline?


This presupposes a level of discipline that might not actually exist.  To the extent that I have discipline, it is rooted in the desire to do meaningful work and have a purposeful life.  Everything has a line back to one or both of those.  I believe we are generally more motivated by things that contribute to a larger sense of purpose in our lives.


5.       What do you spend most of your time doing?


My work life is consumed by trying to understand more about what makes for effective leadership in increasingly complex times.  This understanding tends to emerge through the work I do at Georgetown where we bring best thinking together, and the work I do in organizations which “tests” what I think we know at GU.  This iterative work is slowly adding to my understanding of what is needed to lead in a world that is yet to fully exist.


My personal life is equally consumed simply by a desire to be in deep relationship with others.  Starting naturally with my wife (and even my dog), and extending to professional colleagues and personal community.  When I want to disrupt that lovely way of being . . . I play golf.


Look forward to speaking with all of you at the webinar!


About the Author:

Enid Oquendo is the Director, Supplier Relations for Concordance Healthcare Solutions
in Tiffin, Ohio


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