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Need More Time? Try Unsubscribe. By Patty Cisco

08/09/2016 8:15 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Patty CiscoAs a professional today, it’s essential to stay on top of industry trends and competitor changes to bring your very best to your organization.  One of my favorite avenues is to read online e-newsletters from credible sources.  Yet that brings another element of complexity to my already hectic schedule — I have to manage all of the e-newsletters I signed up for (and those I didn’t).  What’s the secret?

Be Selective

It can be very difficult to make the decision of whether you should or shouldn’t subscribe to an e-newsletter to begin with.  On the surface the e-newsletter may look great — however, the last thing you need or want is to be bothered with junk in your inbox.

The key is to be selective and only sign up for an e-newsletter that clearly defines the benefits you will receive from subscribing to the e-newsletter.  In addition, it should convey the frequency you will receive emails and convey that it will not sell or share your email address.

Finally, look for an avenue that allows you to unsubscribe from the list easily any time you wish.

Being selective can save a lot of wasted time later on!  Don’t give companies a reason to interrupt your day with unwanted emails.

Trash it!  Unsubscribe

This may sound strange, but one of my goals on my vacation this summer was to unsubscribe to e-newsletters that I no longer found valuable.  Why?  Because on average everyday I was receiving over 75 e-newsletters and after scanning the subject lines, I found myself only opening about 25 and reading only about 10 every day.  I was tired of feeling stressed out at the end of each day sorting through all of those e-newsletters with very little return.

Using a small amount of time each day on my vacation,  I reduced by e-newsletter count down to 25 per day  and gained about 15 minutes in each day!  Awesome!  Now I not only have more time, but I also find myself actually enjoying and taking away more quality information that I can use from the few e-newsletters that I do follow.

In this unsubscribe process, I found that I was receiving several duplicate emails at different times of the day from the same source. My research revealed that I was signed up to receive every email that company offered such as their daily news, special offers, weekly overview etc -I quickly unsubscribed to those that I didn’t want and didn’t even know I was signed up for!

I also noticed that I was receiving emails from companies that I had made purchases from, even though I didn’t even know I had provided permission to receive them.  I’m now alert to online purchases and checking the box or un-clicking the auto-subscribe button.  The same holds true for in-store purchasing.  Be careful when they ask for your email address because they will be connecting with you.

The most frustrating e-newsletters are those that don’t offer an avenue to unsubscribe!  This is completely unacceptable, and an abuse of digital marketing. Take the time to email the sender and request to be removed from their list or you will report them to the Federal Trade Commission for spamming.

Although I haven’t personally used this handy online application, Unroll Me is a free tool where you can globally pull all of your e-newsletters in one location and select the ones you want to unsubscribe to. It looks interesting and should be worth a try.

Final Thoughts

Over time, the sheer volume of e-newsletters you receive can be quite overwhelming.  Like any other form of information you receive online or off, you only have time to process so much information in a day.  Thus taking the time periodically to clean up your e-newsletter subscriptions can gain time in your day.  If you’re tech savvy, you may find an online tool like Feedly helpful in data mining information for you.  Time is precious so be sure to manage how you spend it!

Author:  Patty Cisco, MBA & Principal, Marketing Essentials

As founder of Marketing Essentials, Patty’s continual quest and drive for helping businesses grow is her passion. With over 30 years of strategic business management and leadership experience, she is known as a catalyst and understands the challenges CEOs and Marketing Directors face in executing inbound digital marketing & sales strategies that yield results. No surprise you will find her feeding her hunger for lifelong learning with a good book and latte!

Patty Cisco, MBA, Principal

Marketing Essentials


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