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Can't Seem to Get Anything Done? Boost Your Productivity, by Tamara Taylor

09/01/2016 2:43 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
In today’s work environment we are all trying to get more done with less. At times many of us feel overwhelmed and exhausted, leading to increased stress levels and the feeling that we are getting nowhere fast. If you’re having a difficult time getting things done, then you may want to try these five tips to boost your productivity:

1. Try the “Seinfeld Strategy”

Jerry Seinfeld once gave a fellow comic the advice to get a wall calendar and put an “X” on each day that you write a joke. Work on it every day. Once you start getting consistent with writing every day… try to not break the chain. This was his way of ensuring that he was working on his craft every day and getting things done. The idea of consistency behind his method is a driver to help build better work ethic in the form of a daily regimen to boost productivity.

2. Get your workout gear ready ahead of time.

Working out in the morning is a great way to boost your metabolism and get your creative mind working. No matter what your workout regimen is, getting ready for it ahead of time will help you achieve your fitness and health goals by making it easier for you to get started in the morning. If you have things ready it will minimize the possibility skipping your workout the next day. You can see benefits (including reduced sluggishness) from exercising as little as seven minutes every morning.

3. Read a good book before bed.

So often, it’s sleep deprivation that hinders productivity. Not being able to keep your eyes open or your mind focused is a HUGE problem that so many of us face.  We’re all trying to get so many things done in “such little” time! Reading before bed is a great way to settle your mind and prepare yourself for restful sleep.  Find yourself a real book that you can enjoy and set aside time each night before bed to read it. Even if you only have ten minutes to set aside for this task, you’ll soon find yourself looking forward to reading and sleeping better without the stresses of life bogging you down at bedtime. Getting in solid, restful sleep each night will help you be more productive (and awake) during the day.

4. Forget time management.

We are always told that time management is a skill that we all must have and master to be productive. One habit to try is to manage your ENERGY instead of your time! Find out what time of the day you are naturally more productive (the morning or late afternoon, for example). At that time when your creative energy is highest, work on the tasks and projects that require the most active thinking/hard work. Essentially, the idea is to structure your day around your most productive time by moving the pieces of your schedule around so that it complements your natural energy levels. This may be viewed as difficult to accomplish in some work environments, however, it’s worth a try asking your boss and/or colleagues if they mind letting you try blocking off a certain number of hours each day at the same time to complete specific tasks and projects. Once they see the benefit, it may be a non-issue (and they may want to try it, too).

5. Decide on three things you want to accomplish each day.

Simply identifying the top three things that you want to accomplish for the day can be a big win for your productivity. Once decided, focus on accomplishing these three things. Every day may not be a win at first, but once you get used to the idea, you’ll have a better understanding of what can get done in a day and will start to set achievable, challenging goals that will help you get to the finish line of your to-do lists! Every day that you reach your goals you will feel a sense of achievement and the challenge to do so again the next day.

Get Started Now!

Everyday can be a challenge when you have what seems to be an infinite number of things on your plate. Don’t get discouraged. Instead, start boosting your productivity now by implementing at least one of the five tips in this post into your daily regimen… starting today! Which tip would be easiest for you to try? Scroll back up, pick a tip, and decide to make it a part of your daily routine. You can do it! Start now, try it TODAY.

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