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Professional Development: A Step Closer to the Finish Line According to Dave Myers, Executive Vice President & Chief Customer Officer for Concordance Healthcare Solutions, by Enid Oquendo

09/30/2016 1:18 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
Enid Oquendo Sometimes I need a reality check to make sure I am following the right path.  I observe, learn, ask questions, etc.  At some point I want to have the feeling that I did my best to the best of my ability.  Dave Myers, mentor, and boss was asked to do a Development Presentation to get professionals excited about their careers, in which I knew he was the best person for it.  After some brainstorming and exchanges of information, he thought we all need a pick me up - not only the young professionals but those who are in the middle of their careers as well!  It helped me create a career map, let’s see what it inspires you to do…..This is Part I. 

  1.       Who inspired you? Dave Myers

Inspiration comes from all directions; sometimes we don’t realize we don’t need to go far to be inspired or to inspire others.  Look around you, look back when you were a kid and you began to feel passionate about things.  Maybe back then it was a hobby, sport, activity or anything you enjoyed doing.  Today, whether we need to find the spark again or keep it going, inspiration will come to you once you think back about those who inspired you to land where you are today. 
Think about the following:  you foundation - your support - your confidence builder.

Who has kept you on track? 
2.       By now, you are inspired and have found the spark -

        Let’s get ready to get closer to the finish line.

        A LEADER IS:
  • Someone who leads by example - someone who values diverse, versatile, complete knowledge of the business
  • Someone who leads by example - someone who works smart
  • Someone who leads by example - someone who never loses sight of the objectives

3.     Leadership Matters Today!

  • Larger and more global organizations
  • Changing global economy
  • Leaner organization structures
  • Increased importance of human capital
  • Growing leadership capacity
  • Developing strong, career-long leaders
  • More dynamic labor markets
  • Enhanced leader pipeline to offset demographic trends


4.     Step 1-Learning Through


  • Accept new work, new projects
  • Volunteer for a project
  • Learn from your mistakes
  • Take time to reflect and start a professional journey
  • Use feedback to try a new approach to an old problem


  • Work/shadow with colleagues who excel in the competency of your interest - PWH!
  • Get a mentor - PWH!
  • Seek advice, opinions, sound out ideas - PWH!


  • Get involved
  • Engage in functional learning opportunities (i.e. HIDA conference)
  • Read books, professional industry blogs
 5.  Step 2- Your Professional Lifecycle
  • Transformation - A fundamental shift in how one sees the world, careers, relationships
  • Re-shaping Patterns of Thinking - Revising frames of reference, how one sees the world, and assumptions about the way things work
  • Incremental Improvement - New skills, doing things better


6.   Step 3 - Training vs. Development

      Know the difference and do both
  • Training is transactional - Development is transformational
  • Training maintains status quo - Development catalyzes innovation
  • Training is finite - Development is infinite
  • Training tests patience - Development tests courage
  • Training focuses on the present - Development focuses on the future

      In summary, everything is a process in which we all have the opportunity to learn the key skills to be successful.  Ask yourself; how far do you want to go?

Stay tuned for Part II!

About the Author:

Enid Oquendo is the Director, Supplier Relations for Concordance Healthcare Solutions in Tiffin, Ohio

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