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Is it about my attitude? By Enid Oquendo

02/02/2017 11:21 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Inspired by the PWH Winter 2016 Newsletter Article: REPOT, by Dr. O’Grady.

After reading this inspirational article by Dr. O’Grady, I couldn’t stop to think: Is it about my attitude? 

When we think about successful, professional women, they all have one trait in common:  Positive ATTITUDE.  Our attitude impacts everything.  It directs our thoughts, our energy, and most of all, the actions we take.  If I had a positive attitude about my future; would I have missed overgrowing my pot and avoid feeling anxious on a Sunday night or feeling the desire to have a larger circle of influence, or having the time to make room for the little things in life…

A positive attitude is not about being agreeable with everyone all the time or ignoring the real world problems.  I’m also not talking about being fake or suppressing your not-so-positive emotions. 

Perhaps is about using more of our intelligence.  Choosing to live with a positive attitude is intelligent!  To become aware of our pot and know when to adapt and adjust to get closer to our finish line is intelligent.  To become aware of how much power we have in this area and take responsibility for the impact of our attitude has on the quality of our life, and on others. 

The actions we take, the energy we spread are vastly different when we have a positive attitude rather than a negative one.  When we are negative, everything is cloudy, and decisions are made from a place of fear.  While that might seem obvious, most people just react to the world around them and allow their attitude to be dictated by their ever –changing circumstances. 

Do we need to hit a low to reach a high?

Perhaps not!  A positive attitude comes from many places.  If you chose to make a conscious decision to be in charge of your live by looking at the good in circumstances, where good may not seem the obvious, but you managed to find it every time; that is engaging in a POSITIVE ATTITUDE.  A positive attitude helps you deal with a problem turned into a challenge that might not be so bad, because the outcome was one of the greatest lessons ever learned.    

Look.  Even if you have good intentions to practice a positive attitude, do the right things, and work really hard, if you don’t also have this energetic skill mastered yet, this ability to maintain and express a genuine positive attitude will lead to looking at the brighter side of life, you never know, it might help you get closer to repotting yourself. 

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