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A Review of the Leadership Insights presentation from the 2018 PWH Leadership Summit by Valeriya Stoyanova

08/01/2018 9:46 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

In his presentation, John Baumann shared his vision of the leader’s crucial role in establishing a thriving organization and culture, and what it takes to boost our impact to achieve greater, more impactful long-term results. His opening could not have been more moving and inspiring in setting the tone for examining ways of becoming a better leader.

There are many attributes and skills that collectively make a successful leader. Being customer-centric and communicating effectively to build relationships with all stakeholders are strategies that “get to YES” and create significant results. John Baumann is extremely passionate about developing the EQ of being empathetic and compassionate when it comes to building relationships with our customers, employees and colleagues. Being able to view, understand and relate to the struggles and pain-points of each vested group is such a powerful element that brings not only successful outcomes but also special meaning to what we as healthcare professionals do each day.

My takeaway from John Baumann is that what makes a magnificent leader is the ability to create trusting relationships within organization, community and family. Trust is at the base of how we perceive the world around us and the degree of its expression is what drives the level of results. Trust is always a two-way street – we have to both earn it and instill it in others. Great leaders recognize that the process is a complex one, at the base of which lies our individual innate set of values, character and competency that influence the trust-building process during individual and team interactions. In becoming our own brand of leader, we all in our own way aim to do the right thing when no one else is around … to be compassionate, have the best influence on others and do so in a very personal manner with distinction.

It is important to seek and develop unique approach in search of mutual trust and leadership skills by identifying what is important to us.

What do you believe it takes to be a great leader?

Valeriya Stoyanova
Administrative Assistant,

Supplier Relations
Concordance Healthcare Solutions

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