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PWH® is built upon a strong history of women leaders in the healthcare supply chain industry who continue to create a platform for progressive leadership and mentoring for the next generation.

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  • 02/19/2012 8:46 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    Over 125 HIDA attendees participated in our 2011 PWH Leadership Workshop,
    Decisive Leadership in Uncertain Times, led by national author and leadership
    coach Lisa Earle McLeod. The participants were treated to Lisa’s unique
    style and humor as she drove home the critical importance of having “purpose”
    within your company –  a higher purpose that will ignite the passion in yourself and your employees to achieve success both financially and emotionally.

    Deemed one of the best programs HIDA has ever had by one participant, Lisa provided three strategies participants could take home and use immediately:

    3 Counter-Intuitive Strategies That Make the Top 2% More Successful
    1. Emphasize the purpose over profits
      The financial pressure in healthcare is real. The secret of keeping people motivated and engaged is to focus on a larger purpose. The most successful organizations are the ones who have a purpose beyond profits. Remind your team that they’re making a difference in the lives of real human beings. Ironically, when people have a purpose beyond money, they’re more motivated to pay attention to the financials because they understand that solid financials are vital towards fulfilling their true purpose.
    2. Make peace with uncertainty
      Top performing leaders know that uncertainty is a given, especially in healthcare.  Help your team cope with uncertainty by reminding them that the purpose – improving the lives of patients – will always remain the same.  Having a purpose helps you cope with changing conditions. It acts as a filter to help you decide what’s important and what’s not.
    3. Show up with passion
      Passionate employees outperform process driven employees every day of the week. People who love their jobs are more efficient and effective that people who don’t. To create a more passionate team, identify who benefits from your work, and decide to care about them with your heart and soul.  

    You may read more of Lisa’s leadership thoughts or sign up for her newsletter at www.triangleoftruth.com or contact her at Lisa@triangleoftruth.com.
  • 02/19/2012 8:43 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    As 2011 ended - I looked back over the last year and I am so proud of our progress.  In 2011 PWH offered more networking, mentoring, and education than ever before.  The content associated with our professional development is robust and impactful. I truly believe we are making an impact in our industry by “empowering women to lead and succeed”. As an organization we are providing a special place where women can help women. We make a difference for the women who are walking beside us and for those that are coming up behind us. More than ever before women are getting involved in PWH. Our committee involvement is increasing, the number of individuals and companies participating in our regional events, webinars, and coffee chats is higher than ever before, and the number of organizations stepping forward to support PWH is growing.

    As we’ve entered into 2012, our committee chairs have been busy planning and creating an exciting line up of new educational and networking opportunities. In addition, keep a look out for new and exciting ways to connect with a mentor or become a mentor in 2012.

    In 2012, I challenge everyone to do two things:
    • First invest in yourself and your own professional development. Sign up for a networking event in your area and build your professional network, participate in a webinar to learn something new or take a refresher course.
    • Second, reach out to another woman in our industry – become a mentor. There is nothing as rewarding as watching someone you mentor gain in confidence and grow both professionally and personally.

    I wish all of you a happy and prosperous 2012.

    All the Best!
    -Janis Dezso
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